It's time to "Level Up" Your Real Estate Game!

Level Up Real Estate Investors

Some people dream of building a thriving real estate business … some have already tried and can’t get any traction. “Level Up” was created to help you FAST TRACK your way to success in this industry.

Ken Corsini, author of “Profit Like the Pros” and star of HGTV’s Flip or Flop Atlanta, and his wife, Anita, have flipped over 800 houses over 15 years. As a member of “Level Up,” you have weekly access to Ken Corsini …. his systems … his tools … the ins and outs of how to build a thriving real estate business. If you are ready to take your life and business to the next level, this group was designed for you.

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Online Real Estate Investing Academy Unlimited

Live Interactive Weekly Master’s Classes with Ken Corsini

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Video Training Modules

with Advanced Strategies and Tactics

  • Flipping
  • Rentals
  • Wholesaling
  • Wholetailing
  • & Much More

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Here’s What You Can Expect…

  • In this course, you will learn Ken’s step by step systems and processes to:
  • Scale Like a Boss
  • Determine the Right Investing Strategy for You
  • Source Capital So You Can Buy More Properties
  • Put Together Creative Deal Structures
  • Negotiate with Sellers
  • Flip a House Without Ever Taking Possession of It
  • Structure Deals Like a Seasoned Investor
  • Optimize Your Time/Flips
  • Prioritize Where To Invest Time/Money
  • Investor Design Considerations
  • Calculate Returns and Project Profits
  • Estimate Rehab Costs
  • Determine Market Rent Rates
  • Build Your Go To Team
  • Save Money through Vendor Discounts
  • Source Suppliers
  • Get the Most Bang for Your Buck (Design Tips)
  • Market Your Home for Sale like a Pro
  • Stage – When and How To
  • Keep More Money in Your Pocket with Tax Strategies
  • Bonus Materials include (but not limited to):
    • Design tips from Anita Corsini
    • Scripts
    • Handling Objections
    • Ringless Voice Mail Drip
    • Auto Drip Text Campaign
    • Email Drip Campaign
    • Sample ads to help you recruit the right folks for these roles
    • & Much, much more!

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You’ll Also Learn…

How to Invest in Real Estate Successfully
How to Evaluate What Types of Investments are Right for You
How to Determine Where to Invest
How to Find Properties, Including Deals That Aren’t Listed on the Market
How to Analyze a Deal
How to Handle Seller Objections
How to Negotiate Like a Boss
How to Hold Contractors to a Timeline
How to Design with Profit in Mind
How to Estimate What a House Will Sell For After it’s Rehabbed
How to Raise Private Money
How to Build a Cash Buyers List
How to Renovate a Property
How to Calculate Returns
How to Find the Right People/Resources for Your Team
How to determine if Hiring a Property Manager is Right for You
How to Organize Your Business
How to Capture Tax Advantages
And, Equally Important, You’ll Learn What NOT to Do

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Get answers to your questions and receive all current pricing/payment plans and promotional offers.

FYI: These calls are not fielded by salespeople….Our leadership team takes them.


Yes, it’s really unlimited. There is no catch, once you join the group, you are in for life and never have to spend another dime. Week after week, you have access to Ken and his team for live training, Q&A, Facebook Group, constantly updated training videos … even lifetime access to the CRM used to run your business.

The live training meetings are every Wednesday at 11am EST.

No worries … every training session is recorded and uploaded into the library inside of the members area. You can watch it whenever it’s convenient.

We’re not gonna lie, it’s not cheap … but having lifetime access to this information and the ability to ask Ken a question every week shouldn’t be cheap. However, talk to Amy about any discounts or special offers as it’s not uncommon for us to run promotions.

That’s totally okay … we are going to cover ALOT of ground … plus, we have a ton of training videos that will help lay the foundation you need. – Then, our weekly calls are going to help you implement what you’ve learned and enable you to build a thriving business with all of the latest, most effective tools in the industry.

Perfect. Chances are you know just enough to do a deal here or there … but likely you don’t have all of the components needed to build a thriving business that you can scale. We’re going to show you how to build a team and put together the systems necessary to take things to the next level.


After stumbling across an audio course on real estate investing, he decided it was time to “Level Up” his life.

Ken took what he learned, put it to action and never looked back! Since then, he and Anita have flipped over 800 homes and is now a speaker, author and the star of several real estate reality shows on HGTV.

Through “Level Up” – Ken Corsini takes what he’s learned over 15 years and distills it into a program that WORKS. The lessons every successful real estate investor needs to implement in order to grow and thrive in this industry. No more guessing … no more random blogs … no more useless podcast pitching this or that … no more scouring YouTube for a few nuggets. Level Up is about providing a clear roadmap to success implementing the systems and strategies that allowed Ken to flip over a 100 properties a year.


Prior to beginning her real estate career, Amy worked in the corporate world as a marketing consultant for major corporations such as Cox Communications and the Coca-Cola Company and was an adjunct professor at Georgia State University. Following in the footsteps of her parents, she and her husband, Jon, partnered with a friend to buy their first rental property in 2012. After ‘much too much HGTV’, her passion for the business grew and she added rehabbing, flipping, wholesaling, and wholetailing to her skill set.

As her real estate investing grew, she longed for a solid agent to represent their interests. Agent after agent fell short of her expectations so she pursued her real estate license in order to champion their personal investments. Friends and family soon asked her to do the same for them and, hundreds of transactions later, all aspects of her real estate business have grown as a result. Amy is a top producing REALTOR© at Ken and Anita’s brokerage, Red Barn Real Estate, and a mentor and coach for aspiring agents and investors. She was recently featured on the cover of Top Agent magazine.

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Get answers to your questions and receive all current pricing/payment plans and promotional offers.

FYI: These calls are not fielded by salespeople….Our leadership team takes them.