In today’s market, it’s almost impossible to find a property listed on the local MLS that makes financial sense as an investment. For most investors, the best way to acquire property is to source and secure off-market deals. But where do you find them?

In this FREE four hour course, Ken Corsini, nationally recognized and seasoned investor, author and TV personality, unpacks TEN STRATEGIES for finding off market properties. Not only that, he takes you step by step all the way through building a marketing plan …. to negotiating the deal …. to executing the contract.

Sometimes you just need a quick, clear plan for getting a great property under contract. – No fluff, no unnecessary content – just the meat and potatoes to get a great property under contract and quickly sell it for a profit. In this no nonsense blueprint, we’ve done just that. A quick, easy strategy … and step by step instructions outlining the exact resources you need to turn a property into a payday!

For those folks that are new to real estate and need a basic foundation for Real Estate Investing, this is a great place to start. From understanding the basic fundamentals of investing to exploring the different types of investments, this is a great book to help the new investor wrap their head around the how and why of real estate investing.